Current Board Members

Sarah Zottl (Board Chair) Term 1
Bjornda Bjornson (Board Treasurer) Term 1
Mohammed Idriss (City Council Representative) Term 1
Joel Cyr Term 2
Marlyssa Willford Term 1
Biftu Abdalla Term 1
Holly White Term 1
Catherine Siakaluk Term 1

Become a Board Member Today!

Thinking about volunteering your time to support the Brooks Public Library? Become a Brooks Public Library Board member. Here’s a glance at what you can expect from becoming a Board trustee:

Area of Authority

The City of Brooks Library Board is the legal authority for the Brooks Public Library and is collectively responsible for governing all aspects of library operation. A Library Board trustee (member) is a volunteer on the Library’s Board, representing the interests of the community and is entrusted by the community to manage the library effectively. Each trustee is responsible for actively participating in discussion, policy development, and decision making.

Requirements of Membership

  • Belief in the importance of libraries and commitment to the vision and mission of the Brooks Public Library
  • Willingness to serve, and to sit on one or more Board committees (time commitment varies with number of meetings, conferences, etc. each month)
  • Skill, knowledge, or experience in one or more areas of Board governance: policy, program, personnel, finance, or advocacy


  • Become aware of and fully informed on library matters issues, and legislation
  • Contribute to discussion and decision making and foster positive relations among Board trustees, committees, staff, and community
  • Accept responsibility for library affairs and governance
  • Develop, approve, monitor, review, and evaluate policy, bylaws, budget, and plan of service
  • Develop skills through attendance at workshops, conferences, trainings, etc.
  • Monitor Board and trustee effectiveness

For more information on becoming a Board member please contact Lisa Patton, Library Director.